tired of the same old Christmas music?

Feeling pretty cozy curled up with a blankie and throat coat tea, listening to the pouring rain outside. I’m admiring our Christmas tree, which is oddly top heavy, having relocated our ornaments higher up out of the toddler zone. I had an overwhelming desire to listen to bad radio Christmas music, but I live with a bit of a Scrooge.  And I can’t really blame him either, it’s the same stuff over and over and over. But today I hit upon a crucial win for the whole family to enjoy:

XMAS DELIGHTS – The only listenable Christmas compilation…ever! (a Moahaha re-gift) – ghostcapital.

Ghost Capital blog is maintained by Nick, a friend of my husband’s and all around sweetheart.  He shares fun, unusual, rare, global and “oddball” tracks and albums from vinyl collections.  I have really enjoyed following his blog over the years and have fallen in love with several artists introduced by Nick, including

So anyway, Ghost Capital has several mixtapes for you to download and one of them is the aforementioned XMAS DELIGHTS.  This mix was actually created by a colleague of Nick’s, Moahaha.  It is an excellent mix of weird, fun and funky; yet still maintains a holiday vibe and some classics that everyone can appreciate.

Side A (the Santa side) has some quirky jazz you can dance to with 1970s Japanese singer, Asakawa Maki’s Zenkasha No N’Mas and Indo Jazzmen’s Variations On a Christmas Theme.  The highlight song for me was The Coldest Night of the Year by Twice As Much, which really drew me in with featured singer Vashti Bunyan’s voice.  Other tracks were cheesy, but still fun and dance-able including the Floral Pops 70 version of Jingle Bells, hysterical lyrics to Julie London’s 1956 recording of I’d Like You For Christmas (meOW!) and the incredibly catchy 1966 track “Vinter in Kanada” by Elisa Gabbai.  I had fun looking up photos of these ladies and reading their bios.  Gabbai was an Israeli born, German singing, Switzerland star!

Side B (the Jesus side) gets crunchy and folky at times, somber at others.  Peter, Paul & Mary – A’Soalin’ brought me back to digging through my dad’s old folk albums.  The standout for me on this side was The Retreat Singers – Virgin Mary Had a One Son for the sheer 1969 epic Christian folkiness.  Things get super weird with whistler Fred Lowery’s version of Silent Night. I honestly was not sure if it was man or robot.  It’s totally man.  Blind, whistling, Texan man.

You’ll see singers everyone can recognize on both sides, including Kate Bush, Dean Martin, The Carpenters (ever so briefly, don’t worry), Joan Baez and Bing!  I predict this mix will be in heavy rotation while the tree is up.  And please check out Ghost Capital blog for Nick’s other great mixes and generally out of the ordinary albums.

Now I’m all in snowy mood, so I’ll leave you with a video from a happy Snow Day Past memory of our two dogs. Hunter, the big ginger lab, is in puppy heaven now. But he really had an amazing doggie life.  This video features Os Mutantes,  A Minha Menina. Wishing for snow filled days of fun and music.

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