A Whole Chicken: 3 Ways + Leftover Ideas

Almost once a week I’ve been getting a whole chicken to pop in the crock pot.  It inexpensive, time saving, makes the house smell nice and you can use the leftover chicken in other meals.

I use this recipe almost to the letter: Crock Pot Whole Chicken Recipe – Food.com 

I do add sliced lemons for great flavor and increase my black pepper to 1 1/2 teaspoons, instead of using white pepper.  I rub the chicken with spices right before I put it in the crock pot and spread it under the skin as well.  The chicken will cook on low for 6-8 hours or you can put it on high for 4-5.  I use a meat thermometer to make sure we are at a safe 165 degrees F.

Crock Pot Whole Chicken

The meat will really fall off the bone, but here are some carving tips:

I like to serve the chicken over a bed of quinoa or couscous and greens.  And what can you do with the leftover meat?  So many things: salads, soups, sandwiches or try these: Top 10 Ways to Use a Rotisserie Chicken » Dinner: A Love Story.

When I want to shake things up I also use this Peruvian-Style Roast Chicken with Green Sauce l Once Upon A Chef.  The rub mixture is more involved, but tastes delicious using the same crock pot method and the additional recipe for the green sauce is spicy and spot on.  We sub yogurt for mayonnaise, because it’s more likely to be in our fridge than mayo.

Another great mouth watering whole chicken: Jamie Oliver’s Chicken in Milk Is Probably the Best Chicken Recipe of All Time Recipe Review | The Kitchn.  This one did not seem crock pot necessary, so I haven’t made it that way.  But it really as amazing as The Kitchn says.

Finally, do not throw away the chicken bones UNTIL you’ve made stock with them.  You can even make it in the same crock pot you just cooked the chicken in.  Scrape out the fat, put back in the bones and skin and onions, add 2 quarts water and things like celery, carrots, bay leaves, parsley, salt and pepper.  Cook on low for 6-8 hours, strain and you’ve got some stock for your husband to make paella with.  Or at least that is what we typically use it for in our house.  Here is a more detailed recipe How to Make Chicken Stock | Simply Recipes.

Homemade Chicken Stock

One thought on “A Whole Chicken: 3 Ways + Leftover Ideas”

  1. I can attest that the quinoa/chicken/greens with your wonderful homemade salad dressing was delicious. I forgot to tell you that when you arrived home early from your date night. (albeit, your date ended early with a romantic stop at the grocery store) you wild n crazy 30 somethings….

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