01.04.14 – 4/365- making granola

and yes he smoothed all that granola neatly into the pan like a gentleman… not.  But he did like adding and stirring the ingredients in the mixing bowl with mom’s help. Most of it stayed off the floor and out of his mouth.

We hosted tea and lunch for four: his aunt and two of her friends stopping by on the way to a snowed in RV camp; and one of my friends, who brought by her black lab puppy for some toddler playtime. So we made vegan Sweet Potato Soup from Happy. Healthy. Life.  I blended around 5 medium sized baked sweet potatoes and added the suggested canned white beans, almond milk and vegetable stock. It turned out a little thick, more almond milk and stock would’ve cut that down.  I also added one chipotle pepper in adobo sauce to the pot for flavor.  We ate out of mugs with hot sauce, avocados, limes and crusty baguettes.

The company was sent off with I’ll Miss You Granola » Dinner: A Love Story. It was chewy, sweet and salty and we ate it all.  I’ve never made granola before and it was so easy.  This will definitely be a new go-to treat in our house. We told the campers they could camp on our couch to avoid the cold… but they were bundled up and stoked to make a fire, drink whiskey and eat bacon!

For us, it was a fun day to stay in, where it’s warm, eat hot meals, have great conversation and snuggle with puppies.

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