Soundtracking a Brewery

Music is a big part of our family. I think one of the first conversations Tim and I had was about music, leaning against the host station waiting for the first table of the day at Calhoun’s.  So  around three years ago when we first started talking about opening Pale Fire, the conversation naturally drifted to what kind of music we would be playing.  Right away, Tim wanted  something that could be a collaborative effort with our community.

Like or dislike Spotify, (we know Thom Yorke, Taylor Swift, and most recently Bjork all hate it and Dave Grohl “doesn’t effing care.” ) It can be a way for users to create and share playlists with other followers.  Tim asked many of our friends and future brewery patrons to each create a Spotify playlist called ’96 Songs.”


Much like that stack of mixtapes you have lying in a shoebox somewhere, we are finding these to be made with a great amount of care and tlc. Some picked themes, some picked decades, some take you all over the place, and all say a lot about the creator. Brent, who made one of the 96 song playlists below shared this favorite reference:


These playlists may not be playing at the brewery yet, but they’ve definitely been fun to listen to at the Brady house. So here are playlists from some of our musical investors, we are hoping these tracks and individual tastes create an atmosphere for great conversations over a couple of pints.

In no particular order. Check back for additions.

Beer Me Some Tunes – Brooke’s 96

96 Captain Yancey

96 Psycho Serenade

Dave’s 96 Songs for Patrons of a Certain Age

Neal’s 96 Songs for Pale Fire

John’s 96 Songs for Pale Fire

totAL Chaos’ 96 Songs – 96 Problems and a playlist ain’t one

Jason Summer’s 96 Songs for Pale Fire – Some More Beer-Soaked Than Others

Jon Byrne’s “96 Songs” for the Pale Fire tasting room

Easy Like Sunday Morning 96 Songs

Pale Fire Mix by Bryan

Jesse’s 96 Songs

MikeF’s 96 Songs

Amanda’s 96 Songs

Brent Finnegan’s 96 Songs

Bearcat’s 96 Songs

Andy’s 96

Rebecca F’s 96 Songs

KM Edward’s 96 Songs

Lynda’s relaxmaxtastic 96 for Pale Fire

palefirefunmix! by Brock.Kappers

My Offering: Humbert Humbert’s 96 Tracks

Rocktown Beer & Music Festival 96 Songs


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