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the happiest place on earth no. 21: rocktown beer and music festival.

Rocktown Fest V is today… here is Rocktown II showing we can still do it in the rain!!!!

i love my burg.

It was a day of music, singing, and dancing; of froth and foam and cheers-ing; of sideways rain and tropical-storm winds gusting; of sunshine and warmth and rainbows shining; of laughter and smiles and happy loving; of food and friends and mud-stained frolicking… it was, quite simply, a perfect day. The most wonderful day of the year. The day of the Rocktown Beer and Music Festival.

From 2:30 til 9pm on April 21st, throngs of music-loving, beer-craving people of all ages, from tiny tots to retirees, college girls and frat boys to yuppies, hippies, parents, and all the rest, assembled at the Turner Pavilion to sample beer from 30 breweries, hear music from Yarn, the No BS! Brass Band, and The War on Drugs, and nibble freshly prepared dishes from the Joshua Wilton House, Jack Brown’s, Dave’s Taverna, Billy Jack’s, Clementine, and

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Rocktown Recap **spoiler alert: it was awesome

In case you were wondering…

Rocktown Beer & Music Festival was amazing!

Hope you’ve seen this:

Fall Rocktown!

Fall Rocktown!

And if you live in the area and are interested in being one of my amazing VolunBEERS for Sept 20th.  Please email kelly


Toddler critiques Nutcracker: The Motion Picture

Nutcracker: The Motion Picture (1986) is available on Netflix instant streaming. Maurice Sendak did the costumes and set design. So it’s amazing, but really really creepy. Particularly the pervy uncle with the eye patch. I watched the beginning with my almost 2 year old. Here are his thoughts.

Eats – Thanksgiving

I didn’t take a picture of the Thanksgiving meal at my house, but here is a nice picture of my mom’s table… she’s retired and has her shit together.

Last year’s Thanksgiving involved a horrific return journey from Alexandria to the Valley, during which we broke down twice with our sometimes spastic dog and 8 month old baby.  The 2nd time we broke down was at some sort of park and ride/goat pen/used needle depository.

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