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Mini Mini Meatloaf for Your Mini Me: egg free, green packed and bite sized

My little guy has an egg allergy, so keeping him fed does have some challenges. After a particularly bad episode of chicken nuggets that spread across his fingers, mouth and then swelled up his eyes, I’ve been packing lunch!

There are lots of egg subs you learn about online, this resource is helpful:

Vegan Egg Substitutes for Baking and Cooking.

and this vinegar/baking soda substitute was a win for cupcakes at our recent 2 year old birthday playdate:

Georgia’s 7th Birthday and the Egg-Free Chocolate Cake — Juggling with Julia.

One recipe that has become a staple in our house is egg free mini meatloaves.  Little guy likes them so much that he usually marches into our house after day care demanding “meats” or “eat balls.” Yes you can laugh that he says “eat balls,” we do. Truck and Fox are also funny words my toddler says.

You can find lots of different recipes for mini meat loaf (or taco cups or quiches), but I take a step further using a mini muffin pan, a 24 count vs the standard 12 count muffin tin.  These bite sized minis make an easy pack-able meal that I can cook on a Sunday and have pre-made, healthy lunches or dinners for the rest of the week.

Another toddler friendly recipe we like is the porcupine meatballs from Dinner: A Love Story: It all begins at the family table: Jenny Rosenstrach

loves his meats
loves his meats

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Historically, play dough has not been a friend

So we’ve had a pretty snowy year. As a first time mom I get sparkle eyed visions of taking my little one out to make snow angels and sled, then come inside for soft blanketed snuggles and cocoa.  In reality, the more time it takes to wrestle a two year old into snow gear, the less time he or she will actually spend outside. Especially if it is still snowing and the flakes touch their face.  Toddlers kept home from day care on a snow day are also primed to empty every kitchen cabinet, put refrigerator magnets into your toilet and unplug all technology devices from walls. And when you hear “uh oh,” chances are whatever they just broke was not entirely accidental. Continue reading Historically, play dough has not been a friend

best. Christmas. cookie.

Oh Snow Day! You special snowflake full of best laid plans and waaay too many ideas.  Right away I start listing all the life changing to-dos that I will accomplish with this bonus day at home.  Clean out and reorganize the pantry, dust off the old sewing machine and get all those repairs and hems done, try some new recipes, bag up a bunch of stuff to take to the thrift store, edit photos and create albums to place them… I will be a whole new organized adult individual!  Later, when I emerge from the black hole that is Pinterest and roughly 10 hours of Behind Mansion Walls or some other such nonsense on Netflix… I wipe the cheese doodles off my fingers, curse myself and weep over my shattered plans.

But this past snow day, I got off my butt and did something!

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