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Toddler critiques Nutcracker: The Motion Picture

Nutcracker: The Motion Picture (1986) is available on Netflix instant streaming. Maurice Sendak did the costumes and set design. So it’s amazing, but really really creepy. Particularly the pervy uncle with the eye patch. I watched the beginning with my almost 2 year old. Here are his thoughts.

best. Christmas. cookie.

Oh Snow Day! You special snowflake full of best laid plans and waaay too many ideas.  Right away I start listing all the life changing to-dos that I will accomplish with this bonus day at home.  Clean out and reorganize the pantry, dust off the old sewing machine and get all those repairs and hems done, try some new recipes, bag up a bunch of stuff to take to the thrift store, edit photos and create albums to place them… I will be a whole new organized adult individual!  Later, when I emerge from the black hole that is Pinterest and roughly 10 hours of Behind Mansion Walls or some other such nonsense on Netflix… I wipe the cheese doodles off my fingers, curse myself and weep over my shattered plans.

But this past snow day, I got off my butt and did something!

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tired of the same old Christmas music?

Feeling pretty cozy curled up with a blankie and throat coat tea, listening to the pouring rain outside. I’m admiring our Christmas tree, which is oddly top heavy, having relocated our ornaments higher up out of the toddler zone. I had an overwhelming desire to listen to bad radio Christmas music, but I live with a bit of a Scrooge.  And I can’t really blame him either, it’s the same stuff over and over and over. But today I hit upon a crucial win for the whole family to enjoy:

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