1.15.14 – 15/365 – lil green sprouts

Healthy, green and crispy crunchy, David Chang’s Brussels Sprouts and Rice Krispies recipe is divine and very easy to make or modify.  You can get it in the Momofuku cookbook or here: Cauliflower or Brussels Sprouts with Fish Sauce Vinaigrette (Momofuku Ssam Bar) – Momofuku Recipes – TIME.

I didn’t have all the ingredients tonight so I improvised. No fish sauce (which I didn’t use the last time I made this either), no shichimi togarashi spice blend and no fresh mint or cilantro. The lack of cilantro burned me the most, it is really great fried in this recipe. But there was slushy weather outside and a starving family inside, so I was not going back out. I know that was a lot of missing ingredients, BUT bear with me: I did have Brussels sprouts, grapeseed oil, and a bag of generic puffed rice.  So I went with the roasting method:

Brussels in grapeseed oil

Got them nice and brown in the grapeseed oil, on med high heat and then put them in the oven at 400 degrees for 15 minutes.

While they were baking I toasted the puffed rice up.

toasted puffed rice

When the Brussels sprouts came out of the oven, I only burned myself a couple of times (I seem to forget that skillets out of the oven can hurt me if I don’t use the mitt). I gave them a squeeze of a large lemon slice, one minced garlic clove and cayenne, salt & pepper to taste.

lemon, garlic, cayenne, s&P

I probably went overboard on the cayenne, but we like spicy in this house.  The toddler was not interested.  He got defrosted Turkey Bolognese Recipe » Dinner: A Love Story.

mmm Turkey Bolognese

I served the sprouts with a salad bar salad, because that’s what was in the fridge! My photo of the day and some other things that happened:

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